Grow your law firm by 25% or more

in 12 monthsguaranteed!*

Are you tired of losing cases to mediocre competitors even though you get better results for your clients? 

Are you frustrated that despite your best efforts, your law firm isn't seeing any real growth or increase in revenues?


Law firm transformation is possible and PILMMA gives you a wealth of proven strategies

and a clear blueprint to take your firm to the next level!


Our four-step law firm growth program was created just for you.





A three-lesson program teaching the importance of KPIs, increasing the number and quality of referrals, generating more leads, and making each case more valuable.




A three-stage program teaching the importance of your unique selling proposition, getting more client reviews, improving your search results, and getting more referrals.




More than 20 video training modules covering law firm marketing and management techniques that will help you take your firm to the next level.




Once you complete the first three steps, take the PILMMA "5 Stages of Law Firm Growth" to see where your firm ranks and what you need to reach the next step.

Attorney Melissa Emery

of Louisville, KY shares why as a new solo practitioner she joined PILMMA and why she remains a member to this day.

PILMMA's two 100% iron-clad guarantees

Iron-Clad Guarantee #1

Try us out for 90 days and if you don't feel our program is right for you, we will give you a 100 percent refund of all the money you have invested in us.​


Iron-Clad Guarantee #2

If you have not grown your law firm by at least 25% after 12 months in our program, we will stop charging you your monthly dues until you reach 25% growth or 12 months – whichever occurs first.


Your PILMMA Membership

4-Step Training

Jump-start your law firm growth with our self-paced training.

Member Content

Member-only access to webinars and training on

Monthly Magazine

Our glossy monthly magazine mailed to your home.

Marketing Help

Social media, newsletter, and postcard templates made for you.

New Member Calls

President Ken Hardison meets monthly with new members.

Member Webinars

Industry experts offer the best marketing and management tips.

Consultation Calls

Speak one-on-one with Ken Hardison about your firm's issues.

Intake Training

Member-only training on how to improve your client intake.

What attorneys have to say about PILMMA

“Targeted very specific strategies to help small to medium sized law firms with their on-line marketing so that they can compete with the “800 pound gorilla” firms.  A little daunting, but we’re very excited about learning more and getting to work on our on-line strategy.  We are enjoying our PILMMA experience.​"

Bill Allen

Gainesville, FL

"PILMMA is the secret tool in the tool box. We tripled our Internet leads in 6 months. I have already opened twice as many cases as I did the previous year."

Rhonda Holloway

Greensboro, NC

"I have learned a tremendous amount because of my membership in PILMMA. I feel like I have gotten the equivalent of a Master's Degree in marketing and management. Every­thing in my practice has changed because of PILMMA – from hiring, training, overseeing, marketing, book­-keeping, keeping, financing, and other things. I feel like I am always on the cutting edge of what's happening in both legal marketing, and digital marketing in general."

Gary Massey, Jr.

Chattanooga, TN

"There have been so many things I have learned from PILMMA that it would be difficult to single any one thing out. The volume of good stuff is what I appreciate most. In my three years with PILMMA we have started analyzing the ROI on our marketing​. We have cut back in a number of non-productive areas and we have saved maybe 15-20% because we cut back on wasteful marketing."

Lewis Insler

Tarrytown, NY

"I wanted to thank you and tell you about my experience since becoming a member of PILMMA. It has been an unbelievable one! I have learned so much ... and I thought I knew a lot. There were so many ideas and concepts out there I didn't even know existed. I would be nowhere near as successful as I am today if it had not been for PILMMA. You really have your pulse on how to be successful in this day in age. In fact, if it hadn't been for meeting you and the other PILMMA members, well, I am not sure I would be in as good of shape as I am right now. 


Since becoming a member, I can say that I have increased my caseload by at least 30%. In fact, managing the growth has been my biggest challenge right now. But it is a good problem to have. I am getting more cases, better cases, and all time high conversion rates! 

Again, thank you Ken for all you do, and for all the new and innovative things you bring to your members." 

Lawrence Disparti

Chicago, IL

"If you're looking for tools and resources to better run your firm as a successful business, this is the best group to be part of.

Erin Lohmilller

St. Petersburg, FL

"I don't do personal injury; I do criminal defense. PILMMA's knowledge and tactics are adaptable for any successful firm.

Eric Crawford

Monroe, GA

"Ken has been there and knows what does and doesn't work

Leland Malchow

Augusta, GA

"You can't put enough value on unlocking the information on things you never thought of before. We are creatures of habit, PILMMA allows us to break those habits in a judgement free zone."​

Jason Melton

Spring Hill, FL


Founder Ken Hardison has been where you are.  He understands the challenges real lawyers face trying to practice law while working to build and grow a successful law practice. What Ken learned the hard way in building and then selling two 7-figure law firms he shares with PILMMA members so they don’t waste time and money through trial and error.