You will grow your law firm this year.

I guarantee it.

Join me the afternoons of October 15th - 17th as I share the proven strategies, secrets, tactics, and tips I used to build two seven-figure law firms. And if after the first afternoon you don't think what you've learned will help you grow your practice this year, I'll give you your money back.

​Ken Hardison

Attorney and President of PILMMA

Powerful Innovative Legal Marketing and Management Association

2020 Law Firm Growth Maximizer

A three-day, information-packed  virtual event for any law firm serious about reaching new levels of profitability and success. 


Joining us are two internationally recognized leaders in business growth!

Ken has asked his two personal mentors to share with this event's attendees what they've learned about professional growth.

 Jay Abraham:  top executive coach and the author of "The Strategy of Preeminence".

 Verne Harnish: co-founder  of Gazelles Growth Institute and the author of "Scaling Up".

Event Details

This is a virtual event, allowing you to focus on your firm's growth rather than being away from home.

Three afternoons of unparralled content from some of the legal industry's best minds.

Afternoon #1

October 15: 11 AM - 5:30 PM est

Creating A Mindset for Success


The Blueprint for Strategic Planning and Setting Goals 


Noon: Verne Harnish will speak on “The 4 Key Decisions to Scaling Your Law Firm”



Implementing Your Plan


 The 3 Secret Phases: Marketing Your Law Practice


How to Create A Website Homepage That Converts

Afternoon #2

October 16: 11 AM - 5:30 PM est

How to Stand Out from Your Competition:  Creating Your Own Differentiation 


Creating Effective Message Ads that  Convert Prospects into Clients


Noon: Jay Abraham will speak on “The Strategy of  Preeminence in Growing  Your Law Firm”


Small Hinges Open Large Doors: Increasing Your Conversions


Key Performance Indicators


How to Effectively Use Videos to Market Your Practice 

Afternoon #3

October 17: 11 AM - 5:30 PM est

The Art of Making

Smart Decisions 


The 7 Levers to Increase

Your Cash Flow


Hiring and Holding on to

A+ Employees


 Creating A Strategic

Marketing Plan


Creating Your Own Blueprint for A Successful Practice

“I feel as though I got my money’s worth the first 27 minutes into the conference.  I learned so much I just need to set aside enough time to start implementing!  Thank you!"

Thomas Schimmerling 

Delhi, NY

“This has been a wonderful seminar.  I would have spent hundreds of hours acquiring this knowledge on my own, and still would have lacked the context to apply it all properly.  It was well worth the investment of time and money.”​

Kevin Kaufman

Bridgeport, WV

"PILMMA is the secret tool in the tool box. We tripled our Internet leads in 6 months. I have already opened twice as many cases as I did the previous year."

Rhonda Holloway

Greensboro, NC

"If you're looking for tools and resources to better run your firm as a successful business, this is the best group to be part of.

Erin Lohmilller

St. Petersburg, FL

"I don't do personal injury; I do criminal defense. PILMMA's knowledge and tactics are adaptable for any successful firm.

Eric Crawford

Monroe, GA

"Ken has been there and knows what does and doesn't work

Leland Malchow

Augusta, GA

"You can't put enough value on unlocking the information on things you never thought of before. We are creatures of habit, PILMMA allows us to break those habits in a judgement free zone."​

Jason Melton

Spring Hill, FL

Ken Hardison

Known as the “Millionaire Maker” for a reason, Ken has helped lawyers across the country double, triple or quadruple their law practices and income!  He brings to law firm owners the insights, knowledge, and critical strategies of Legal Marketing and Management that can only be learned in the trenches of real law firm success.


With over 30 years of legal experience, Ken has personally grown and sold two 7-figure law firms and shares his real-life knowledge and experience with other attorneys, helping them experience exponential growth, increased profits, and ethical market preeminence.

PILMMA MEMBERS! Take $200 off the cost of this event!

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